Pulled Pork Sandwich

Pulled Pork Sandwich

My first homemade “pulled” pork sandwich using yesterday’s Beer Braised Pulled Pork.  YUM! Enough said.  Make one tonight!

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Pulled Pork Sandwich


Split your Kaiser rolls in half horizontally.  Pile a huge mound of pulled pork on the bottom half of the roll.  Top with a large spoonful of coleslaw and then place the top half of the bun on top.  Serve with some potato chips, side salad, tater tots or French fries.

Pulled Pork Sandwich


38 thoughts on “Pulled Pork Sandwich

  1. Anne you have the best timing ever. I was thinking that I would like to learn how to make pulled pork and then here you have the perfectly delicious recipe. I bought most of the ingredients at the market yesterday so I am ready to go. Thanks for the inspiration. BAM

  2. This looks absolutely delicious. I loved how you photographed it, Anne, showing how you built the layers. Now I have to have a look at your pulled pork recipe. This could be on the list for dinner next week! Thank you!!

  3. Your pull pork sandwich looks delicious! Totally my kind of comfort food. The slaw on top must be wonderful too. I love that crunch contrasting the soft pull pork and bun. 🙂 Drooling!

    • Thanks Eva! I would rather use a leaner cut myself but since I have never done pulled pork before, I was worried about the outcome being too dry on a leaner cut of pork. So I went with a fattier cut. I’ll have to experiment with a leaner cut next time.

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