Salsa Verde

Salsa Verde

I’m not much of a salsa verde person.  And I can’t tell the difference between a good or bad salsa verde (I’m more of a tomato-base salsa kinda gal).  Since it’s made from scratch, I’m just going to assume it’s good.  The only reason I made it is for a stew dish (recipe to come soon) and for snacking while I was cooking.  Initially I thought the salsa was just OK.  But it tasted better as it ages.

Salsa Verde

I bought my tomatillos the day before I made this and apparently I picked up a hitchhiker at the market.  This spent the night in my fridge.  I freaked when I saw it the next day.  Chris ended up escorting it out to the front yard.  If it was up to me, I would have dropped it into the garbage disposal.  Ick!

Green Caterpillar

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  • 1 1/2 pounds of tomatillos, halved
  • 2 jalapeño peppers, halved (I kept half of a jalapeño pepper seeded and removed the rest)
  • 1 small onion, quartered
  • 3 cloves of garlic, halved
  • 3 small green tomatoes, cut into wedges (I used green heirloom tomatoes)
  • zest of 1 lime
  • juice of half a lime
  • a handful of cilantro
  • salt and pepper to season

Salsa Verde


Arrange tomatillos, jalapeño peppers and onion in a single layer on a large baking sheet, placing the tomatillos and jalapeño peppers skin side up under the broiler.  Roast tomatillos and jalapeño peppers until charred, about 10-15 minutes.  Transfer them to a large bowl along with garlic, green tomatoes, lime zest, lime juice, cilantro, salt and pepper.  Using an immersion blender, purée everything until smooth.  Alternatively, you can use a food processor or a blender to purée your salsa.  Check for seasoning before serving.

Adapted from Heather Christo & Closet Cooking

Salsa Verde

52 thoughts on “Salsa Verde

  1. Reminds me of that one Seinfeld episode…

    George: Why don’t they have salsa on the table?
    Jerry: What do you need salsa for?
    George: Salsa is now the number one condiment in America.
    Jerry: You know why? Because people like to say “salsa.” “Excuse me, do you have any salsa?” We need more salsa.” “Where’s the salsa? No salsa?”

    I love salsa! Green, red, whatever, bring it on. The salsa verde goes great on eggs too. And tomatillos are so weird looking (and feeling). The first time I saw it at the market I had no idea what it was. Then I found out that they made salsa from it and the lightbulb went off. I always thought it was just green tomatoes…

  2. I always gravitate toward a green salsa when we are home in southern California and cramming in as much lovely Mexican food as we can, but yet I’ve never made it at home. I love a tomato salsa too and make various incarnations in the kitchen regularly. I will be trying your recipe soon (hoping I don’t pick up a hitchhiker though).

    Have a great day!

  3. I don’t know enough about salsa either. My husband loves it and it’s something I really appreciate when I go out to a restaurant. It adds a lot to a dish. Thanks for the salsa verde lesson here today! Looks great.

  4. Anne, I just adore Salsa Verde! Love your photography–even of the hitchhiker! 😉 I freak a bit, too, over these creepy-crawly things. And, I’m always grateful when The Big Lug saves me and escorts the critters to the outdoors. Thanks for sharing and can’t wait to see your stew!

  5. I absolutely love salsa verde, but I have never made it because….I feared the tomatillos. What the heck is it? A funky green tomato? I look forward to making this.

  6. Interesting… At the risk of sounding completely obvious, this is like a green version of salsa picante or pico de gallo – essentially green… well, salsa.

    The reason for my surprise is that I’ve always known salsa verde to be an Italian condiment, quite similar to pesto but instead of the adding parmesan to give it richness, it has lemon juice, capers and parsley to bring in a fresh, light flavour. It’s great with all seafood or as dressing for steamed veg… Amazing the differences a couple of oceans and continents can make to a dish of the same name!

  7. A little living critter in fresh ingredients is always a good sign that nature is working its magic…but I’m with you – I get squeamish! I use salsa verde in a white chicken chili that is one of my favorites, and it really brings out all the flavors! How great to have a recipe for making it from scratch – will have to try this.

  8. We love salsa verde with chicken and over enchiladas. Lime and cilantro give salsa such a clean, herbal fresh taste! I am looking forward to reading about this salsa in your the stew recipe!

  9. I’ve never cooked with tomatillo before, Anne, and the salsa verde I’m accustomed to is the Mediterrean kind. Maybe it’s time I branched out and make my own using tomatillos. Your recipe looks and sounds like a great place to start. Thanks!

  10. How serendipitous! I had never made salsa verde before and in the past week I’ve made it twice. My recipe was similar to yours and I have to say (as a fellow red salsa eater) it turned out pretty delicious!

  11. haha eek – I would have freaked out too! I’m not really a salsa verde person either (I prefer regular salsa) but my husband loves it. He’s been asking me to make it forever … I should be nice and do just that : )

  12. ewww, i hate bugs! Glad he was spared the garbage disposal though 😉 This salsa looks great. I’m more of a red salsa girl too, but I love tomatillos so i’ll have to give this a try.

  13. Eye-soothing photos 🙂 Alluring recipe. Broiling veggies before grinding is a flavorful idea indeed.

    I loved that ‘green tomattiloes peeping through the green bag along with a green little bug’ picture really really cute 🙂

  14. This salsa looks fabulous, Anne! I really love tomatillos, but have never made anything with them. I would love to try homemade salsa verde! Thanks for the inspiration!

  15. I love the bright flavor of tomatillos but hardly ever use them in my cooking! Bet this salsa verde is absolutely delicious! And it’s critter approved – heehee – I would of freaked out a little too.

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