Magic Mint Chocolate Bark

Magic Mint Chocolate Bark

I discovered this recipe on the back of my dark chocolate and mint chips bag.  It was so easy, I decided to go with it.  I figured anything with swirls has to be impressive looking enough to give to friends and neighbors for the holiday.  And it’s got the pretty dark brown and green swirls… see? Totally festive.  I dig it.

Magic Mint Chocolate Bark

If you’re new to swirling, this is a great recipe to practice on.  You really can’t go wrong with it so swirl your little heart out.  And dark chocolate and mint… I can’t imagine anyone not liking this combination.  Have a great weekend!

Magic Mint Chocolate Bark

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  • 1 (10 ounce) bag of dark chocolate and mint morsels
  • 1/3 cup of broken pretzel pieces

Magic Mint Chocolate Bark


Preheat the oven to 325 degrees F.  Line a 9″ x 13″-inch sheet pan with foil or parchment paper.

Pour morsels onto the lined sheet pan and arrange them so they are touching each other in a single layer.

Bake for 1-3 minutes or until morsels are glossy and shiny looking.  Remove from the oven to the cooling rack.  Using the tip of a butter knife or chopstick, immediately swirl morsels to create a swirled pattern.

Sprinkle with broken pretzel pieces.  Hold sheet pan 3 inches above counter and drop to settle pretzel pieces into the melted morsels.  Refrigerate for 1 hour or until firm.  Break into pieces.  Store in airtight container in the refrigerator.

Adapted from Nestle Toll House

Magic Mint Chocolate Bark


55 thoughts on “Magic Mint Chocolate Bark

  1. Looks great! I’ve never thought of making bark this way by melting chips in the oven and then spread/swirling! Good to know it works so well. Did you have any problems with bloom on the dark chocolate after the first day? Since I don’t can’t temper chocolate, I always end up with those gray streaks the very next day on the dark chocolate…but I suppose keeping them in the fridge solves that…I’m just rambling… Great looking bark! : )

  2. I can’t get enough of chocolate and mint lately and this looks perfect! Love the pretty swirls and the pretzels in here – I can’t believe it’s so easy to make too. This would make a fantastic festive holiday gift. Your friends and neighbors are so lucky girl and if they don’t like it which I can’t imagine they wouldn’t – you can send some to me hehe 😉 xo

  3. Pretzels in bark is such a great twist for all the salty-sweet lovers out there who dig their chocolate! Hubby and I always loved those Pretzel Joys (sold in cute ice cream containers in fancy schmancy department stores). Ever since the early 1990s, we make our own and call them Pretzel Gems. (I posted them back around Valentine’s Day.) Chocolate and pretzels are just meant to be and I love those minty green swirls…so perfect for the holidays! Thanks for sharing, m’lady!

  4. I never saw this technique for making bark before! It’s so easy – I love it! And the sweet minty chocolate combo with the salty pretzels is a perfect combo. Takes care of two cravings in one. Have a great weekend Anne! 🙂

  5. This bark is so gorgeous with that dark chocolate and pretty green swirl…I love swirls! This is a great combination, and I love the pretzel pieces. Pinning!

  6. Those swirls look so pretty indeed! And this recipe is so so easy too. What’s not to love?? Have a lovely weekend Anne! xo

  7. My son just walked in to the room last night around 11 pm, saw your top photo (with its perfect lighting and colors) and said, “Oooo. What’s that? Do we have the ingredients RIGHT NOW?!” Lucky for him I am a chip-a-holic and had a supply. Anyone want mint bark for breakfast? 🙂

    p.s. Isn’t it funny, in food blogging, how sometimes it is the simplest almost non-recipe that gets the biggest enthusiastic response? We eat first with our eyes and gorgeous photos like yours draw us in. But also, I think, people are looking for magic and easy, especially at busy times of the year. 🙂

  8. So pretty, and love the sound of salty pretzel mixed in with mint and chocolate! I’ve been thinking about mint and chocolate buttons, that can be nibbled on like after dinner mints. Great minds think alike? 😀

  9. I couldn’t find mint chips so I used dark chips and mint chocolate dove bars and I cut them up small but the chocolate didn’t melt smoothly, not sure what went wrong?

    • Hi Carrie: I’m going to guess it’s because of the Dove bars —they’re not baking chips and that’s why it didn’t melt smoothly for you. You can locate the dark chocolate and mint morsels at Target or Amazon if you want to try again.

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  11. Oh wow, this looks so simple and delicious, Anne! Sweet and salty! I love that it’s only two ingredients. It would make a great last minute holiday gift! Thanks for linking this up to Saturday Night Fever – pinning!!

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