Guest Post: Lemon and Basil Frozen Daiquiri

Lemon and Basil Frozen Daiquiri

Here’s a cocktail to kick off the 4th of July! Chris made this refreshing drink to keep us cool.  Cheers everyone!

So as Anne mentioned in her previous post, it’s been pretty warm here lately. Not triple digits warm, but warm enough that a cold beverage sounded really good. We had some leftover basil and lemons, so I decided to make a lemon and basil daiquiri. I love the classic recipe, shaken with ice, but today demanded an adult slushie. It rendered enough for probably four servings, although we finished it off ourselves. 😉

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Guest Post: Cosmopolitan


Chris and I are going over to Nelson’s for dinner tonight.  Here’s a pre-dinner drink to celebrate the weekend.  Cosmos were big back in the Sex and the City days.  If you like cranberry juice in your cocktail, you’ll enjoy this one.  Bottoms up!

I used to like to make and drink all kinds of cocktails when I was younger.  Lately I’ve been more of a neat whiskey drinker.  The sugary drinks give me a headache and so I usually stay away.  But since it’s getting warmer here, flowers are blooming, and birds are chirping, I wanted to make something that reminded me of warm weather.  This drink is great when you’re hosting a small get-together as it’s easy to make and requires ingredients most of us normally have already.

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Guest Post: Calvados “Martini”

Calvados "Martini"

Chris came home early from work today and the first thing he did to kick off Christmas Eve was to make this lovely cocktail for us –yay Chris! 🙂 If you like a strong cocktail, like a Martini with a hint of apple, you’ll love this one.  Cheers!

So with the holiday season upon us, I wanted to make a drink that was sophisticated yet fun.  Anne brought home some Calvados and I decided to try adding it into a vodka “martini”.  The result? Just as one would expect, it tastes like a vodka martini with an apple finish.  Eat the apple garnish to draw out even more apple flavor.

Note: I’m a martini purist and normally only reserve the word for the drink comprised of gin and vermouth.  But ’tis the season to have fun, right?

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Guest Post: Wood Tavern Manhattan

Wood Tavern Manhattan

To kick off the long weekend, Chris made a couple of Manhattans for us.  Here’s his recipe —cheers!

Ever since we tried this variation of the Manhattan at one of our local spots, I’ve been dying to reproduce it at home.  I know the classic recipe calls for rye whiskey, but Woodford Reserve bourbon gives it a more sophisticated taste, in my opinion.  Don’t use any old sweet vermouth, Carpano is what makes this Manhattan shine!

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