Parmesan Ham and Thyme Bread

Parmesan Ham and Thyme Bread

We recently have three new families that just moved in to our neighborhood this past couple of months.  So baking a batch of something was in order.  I had some ham and fresh thyme in the fridge that I wanted to use up.  Out came this bread.  Savory bread always needs some sort of cheese so my choice of cheese for this was Parmesan.  Chris and I sampled this for dinner last night and it was definitely worthy of giving away as a “welcome to the neighborhood” treat to one of the families.  Bake some for your neighbor today and save a couple of pieces for yourself!

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Marbled Nutella Banana Bread

Marbled Nutella Banana Bread

Overly ripe fruit is constant in my household.  I had a couple of bananas left sitting in my fruit basket.  They’re way past its prime and it doesn’t appear that anyone will be reaching for it anytime soon so I decided to use them in this recipe.  Chocolate and banana go so well together, why not pair it with Nutella? I used an 8-inch square pan for this because I wanted to be able to cut them in squares but feel free to use an 8-inch or 9-inch loaf pan for this.  Baking time would still be the same.

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Chorizo Leeks and Manchego Bread

Chorizo Leeks and Manchego Bread

I know the photo doesn’t look like much but this bread is sooooooo good, especially when it’s served warm.  The pepper really gives this bread a kick and pairs so nicely with the chorizo and manchego.  I think next time, I would use some rosemary and parmesan cheese with some coarse sea salt on top.  Enjoy!

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