Pancetta and Summer Squash Risotto

Pancetta and Summer Squash Risotto

This past week, we’ve been doing some upkeep to the house on the outside in preparation for the rainy season.  We got our house (shingles) stained, painted, gutters patched and cleaned.  The work is almost done and it looks beautiful! Antonio, our contractor, did a great job! I can’t wait to see when it’s completely finished.

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Cheddar & Chive Mini Beer Loaves

Cheddar & Chive Mini Beer Loaves

I’m a bit late on this post but I made this last week to pair it with the Ranchero Beef Stew we had for dinner.  I made this into mini loaves so I can give some away.  This beer bread is fantastic by itself or with soups or stews.  Anything with beer in it is a great start to the week! Toodles!

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Baked Eggs with Turkey Bacon and Chives

Baked Eggs with Turkey Bacon and Chives

I got these crème brulee dishes not because I wanted to make crème brulee (I don’t have the torch) but because I thought it would be nice to make individual tarts or quiches.  Yesterday, I discovered that it would be groovy to use them in baked eggs as well (Yay! these individual dishes aren’t as limited as you think).  I served it in the dish but it would be just as presentable sans dish, if you grease them prior to baking.

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