Chinese Pork Stew with Daikon

Chinese Pork Stew with Daikon

This recipe came from my very first Chinese cookbook in English that Kimi gave me.  It was one of the first recipes I made from that book.  This is one of those stews where you literally throw everything into one pot and let it sit on simmer for an hour.  The stew is light but full of flavors so if you’re in the mood for something on the less hearty side, this is a good one to make.

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Chinese Pork Sparerib and Daikon Soup

Chinese Pork Sparerib and Daikon Soup

I got this recipe from Kimi.  I enjoy it whenever the weather is a bit cool and I’m in a brothy soup kind of mood (usually when I’m feeling a cold coming on).  Chris doesn’t care for it.  He doesn’t like the smell of daikon but he’ll eat turnip cake —weird! Whenever I make this soup, I always make it for one.

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