Linguini with Shrimp and Olive Tapenade

Linguini with Shrimp and Olive Tapenade

I was over at my neighbor Angela’s house for dinner a few weeks ago and one of the dinner guests brought over some olive tapenade crostini as a starter.  It was so tasty that I went out and got a jar for myself.  I know I could have made it at home but I was lazy (what else is new?).  So instead of making a crostini out of it, I threw it into my dinner.  This pasta dish really has a ton of flavors.  You can easily leave out the shrimp to make it vegetarian friendly.  Leftovers are awesome the next day for lunch! If you’re a fan of olives, you’ll love this.  Enjoy your week.

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Guest Post: Calvados “Martini”

Calvados "Martini"

Chris came home early from work today and the first thing he did to kick off Christmas Eve was to make this lovely cocktail for us –yay Chris! 🙂 If you like a strong cocktail, like a Martini with a hint of apple, you’ll love this one.  Cheers!

So with the holiday season upon us, I wanted to make a drink that was sophisticated yet fun.  Anne brought home some Calvados and I decided to try adding it into a vodka “martini”.  The result? Just as one would expect, it tastes like a vodka martini with an apple finish.  Eat the apple garnish to draw out even more apple flavor.

Note: I’m a martini purist and normally only reserve the word for the drink comprised of gin and vermouth.  But ’tis the season to have fun, right?

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