Chorizo and Manchego Beer Bread

Chorizo and Manchego Beer Bread

Over the Christmas holiday, Chris and I attended a dinner party over at our friend EW’s house.  We decided to bring a bottle of wine and this bread.  I know EW is a HUGE bread lover so I thought I’d bake him a loaf.  In the past, I have baked him savory breads but he seemed to love beer bread more than others.  I’m guessing it’s the dense texture and the crusty top.

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Chorizo Leeks and Manchego Bread

Chorizo Leeks and Manchego Bread

I know the photo doesn’t look like much but this bread is sooooooo good, especially when it’s served warm.  The pepper really gives this bread a kick and pairs so nicely with the chorizo and manchego.  I think next time, I would use some rosemary and parmesan cheese with some coarse sea salt on top.  Enjoy!

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