Spam & Quail Egg Sliders with Spicy Garlic Aioli

Spam & Quail Egg Sliders with Spicy Garlic Aioli

I know today’s recipe doesn’t exactly scream Mother’s Day but it’s so darn cute and tasty that I thought I’d share it anyway.  Plus it’s so easy to put together and it’s finger food! That being said, this is a scrumptious starter for any brunch, even a Mother’s Day’s brunch.

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Quail Egg Crescent Cups

Quail Egg Crescent Cups

I saw some quail eggs at my local market when I went shopping with Kimi and decided to pick some up.  They were so cute and since I have never cooked with them before I thought I make it easy on myself and make it a breakfast/brunch item.  This is an easy dish to make and it’s so darling! I had some leftover mini heirloom tomatoes I garnished this with.  A no muss no fuss dish.  Of course, you would need to have other breakfast items to accompany with this egg cup.

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