Braised Chicken with Root Vegetables

Braised Chicken with Root Vegetables

Chicken is always my choice of meat for dinner and it’s quick cooking too.  I usually like to pan-fry my chicken but every now and then, braising is good too.  The braising liquid is always fantastic on potatoes, rice or even crusty bread.  Keep in mind that when you are braising, you’re not going to find any crispy skins here, even though it was browned in the beginning.  I kept this dish simple but flavorful so if you are looking for a hearty chicken dish, keep looking.  I served it with rice and it was delicious!

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Radish and Butter Crostini

Radish and Butter Crostini

This recipe was once again inspired by Lindsay of { fleur de sel }.  I was intrigued by her Radishes with Butter and Salt recipe that I thought I’d give this one a try using my Homemade Butter.  What makes this dish really stand out is the good quality butter.  I love the freshness from the butter and the crunch from the radishes.  The butter (if using a good one) doesn’t make it oily or heavy.  Plus, this is such a beautiful and easy dish to make when you have company over.  Or a quick and easy snack to make for yourself in the afternoon.  Enjoy!

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