Blueberry Ricotta Yogurt Bread

Blueberry Ricotta Yogurt Bread

Doesn’t the title of this post sound a bit strange? Ricotta and yogurt?! Well, I was going through the fridge and had stuff I needed to use up before they go bad.  I had about a half cup of ricotta left but it wasn’t enough for a bread batter so I added yogurt, which also needed to be used up.  Surprisingly, the bread turned out super moist and delicious.  Who knew? Happy hump day!

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Grapefruit Ricotta Crumb Cake

Grapefruit Ricotta Crumb Cake

We’re not huge grapefruit eaters.  Heck, in this household, we’re not huge fruit eaters.  I am, sorta, but Chris isn’t.  So whenever I get fruits from Kimi or Nelson, I tried to eat them, but grapefruit is just not on the list of the fruits I eat.  However, I’ll eat fruit in a cake form if there’s crumb toppings involved.  Wouldn’t anyone? 😀 I really love the flavors in this crumb cake.  Grapefruit and ricotta, it’s just so yummy that you can’t pass this up.  Now march your hineys into the kitchen and bake this.  You’ll be glad you did.

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Beef and Cheese Manicotti

Beef and Cheese Manicotti

This was my first stuffed pasta recipe I learned 5-6 years ago, and it has been a staple in my household whenever we wanted something hearty in the form of pasta.  I have to admit, this dish does take some time to make but it’s totally worth it! Plus, it can feed a lot of people if you are casually entertaining.  The trick to stuffing these tube pastas quickly and maximize the stuffing in each tube is with a demi spoon.  You can cram a lot in there and in a flash.  Add a simple salad and you have yourself a meal!

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Pear Ricotta Coffee Cake

Pear Ricotta Coffee Cake

I had some leftover crumb topping from my Cranraisin Eggnog Muffins that I wanted to use up.  I also had some pears and ricotta cheese that was about to go bad so I decided to make this coffee cake.  I listed the measurements and instructions for the streusel topping but didn’t use it.  Feel free to use this one or the topping recipe from the Cranraisin Eggnog Muffins.  Both are delicious!  But whatever you do, be sure to use pear brandy for that extra pear flavor in the coffee cake.  If you don’t have pear brandy, regular brandy will do too.

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Meyer Lemon Ricotta Muffins

Meyer Lemon Ricotta Muffins

I had a couple of Meyer lemons that weren’t looking too vibrant so I decided to use them up in today’s baking.  I also had some ricotta cheese as well.  These two combined really do make a delicious batch of muffins.  I was a bit worried that my batter was a bit on the thick side but in the end, it makes a very dense but airy muffin.  The combination of the Meyer lemon, ricotta cheese and almond/almond extract really do marry well.  If you like lemon muffins —you will love these!

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Roasted Blueberry Ricotta Crostini

Roasted Blueberry Ricotta Crostini

Moving was such a pain –not to mention the packing, unpacking and organizing.  I finally have most of my kitchen stuff unpacked, cleaned and ready for use.  Nelson and EW are coming over for lunch and to check out the new house.  They’re my first guests over and the house is still somewhat of a mess.  I thought I make it easy on myself by making a simple starter.

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Fig Prosciutto and Ricotta Crostini

Fig Prosciutto and Ricotta Crostini

I wanted to use up the last of my ricotta cheese because it was about to expire! I hate waste and I wasn’t about to let it go into the trash.  I had some prosciutto slices so I thought about using them in crostini.  I picked up some arugula and some gorgeous organic brown figs.  These crostini were so tasty! I’ll have to serve them at my next dinner party.

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Blueberry Ricotta Muffins

Blueberry and Ricotta Muffins

This is my first time baking with ricotta cheese.  I only know of using this ingredient on lasagnas and crostini.  Since I had some sitting in the fridge, I thought it might work similar to using sour cream or yogurt in baked goods.  It has a thicker consistency than yogurt or sour cream but you can loosen it up by adding some milk.  The outcome of this muffin recipe isn’t half bad.  Enjoy!

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