Tomato Cucumber Dill Salad with Feta

Tomato Cucumber Dill Salad with Feta

It has been extremely hot in my house lately so I’ve been reluctant to turn anything on in the kitchen.  I generally don’t care for salads because it leaves me hungry most of the time.  But because of the weather, I made an exception.  I paired this salad with a slice of Savory Ham Cheese and Olive Cake (recipe to come soon) and it was the perfect light meal for us.  The cucumber and tomatoes combined tasted so refreshing that I’m beginning to have second thoughts about salads.  Have stellar Tuesday!

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Spaghetti with Sausage and Shallots

Spaghetti with Sausage and Shallots

As I was cleaning out my fridge over the weekend, I thawed out a pound of sweet Italian sausages.  Last night as I was going over my pantry and fridge, I noticed I didn’t have much around the house.  I used basically what I had on hand to make dinner —spaghetti, shallots, parsley, parmesan cheese and wine.  This dish was tasty and quick.  It would be even better if I had some garlic.  Will have to add that in the next time I make this.  I love the whole wheat spaghetti in this dish.  I felt like I was eating something healthy. 🙂

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