Turkey Bacon and Rosemary Bread

Turkey Bacon and Rosemary Bread

Yes, it’s another bread recipe.  I always enjoy baking breads (yeastless) and muffins whenever my afternoons allow it.  I just love the smell while it’s baking in the oven (who doesn’t?).  I had a few slices of turkey bacon I wanted to use up and this was perfect for it.

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Baked Eggs with Turkey Bacon and Chives

Baked Eggs with Turkey Bacon and Chives

I got these crème brulee dishes not because I wanted to make crème brulee (I don’t have the torch) but because I thought it would be nice to make individual tarts or quiches.  Yesterday, I discovered that it would be groovy to use them in baked eggs as well (Yay! these individual dishes aren’t as limited as you think).  I served it in the dish but it would be just as presentable sans dish, if you grease them prior to baking.

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